Q: why was kyle pointless??


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Q: Why don't you like Evan Peter's role in AHS?

I really can’t put my finger on it.. It’s not that i don’t like him as an actor, i Just find that each role he plays is about him and a girl, Tate and Violet, Kit, Alma AND Grace. Kyle, Zoe and Madison. Just gets a bit repetitive, also i found his character completely pointless in Coven.

I would like his character in Freak Show to be unique, like with no strings attached to any relationship and that the show actually focuses on his acting.

I know loads of people will be all like ‘omg how could you Evan is amazing, so hot’

Well i honestly hope he’s not just liked for being attractive and that people actually pay attention to his character..


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Q: what do you think on evan peters roles in ahs


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Q: Hilary Clinton, Misty Day, Charlize Theron

marry misty, fuck charlize kill clinton soz hilz )):

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Q: Kim K Lana Del Rey Tassia

ohhh it’s getting better!!

idk i would probs fuck Kim cause like who wouldn’t, marry Lana and soz i’d have to kill Taissa haha

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Q: Constance, Spock, Patrick the Star

ah idk who spock is?? is it that Star Trek guy???

probs fuck constance (langdon i presume) kill Spock and marry Patrick cause he is just brilliant 

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Marry, Fuck, Kill, send me THREE names.

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